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About Milford Quality Landscaping

Milford Quality Landscaping was established in 1984. My name is Matthew Salomone, owner and manager.

I started my own company with my father’s broken down 1956 Ford pick-up truck (Sanford and Son style!). A $150 tune-up, my mother’s 20″ push mower, a lot of determination and I was in business. In the beginning I was literally knocking on doors. A few customers donated their push mowers to me, I purchased a weed wacker and contracted about 20 lawns. I was in the “Big Time”!

Landscaping Maintenance, Lawn Care and Installations

Milford Quality Landscaping has grown to over 200 maintenance accounts, ranging from large corporate and condominium accounts to the smallest 50 by 100 yard space. We have a crew of 20 full-time employees and several part-timers. Milford Quality Landscaping is equipped for all types of landscaping maintenance and installations. Our specialty is landscape design. We also offer hydro-seeding, soil preparation, many types of retaining walls and patio design and installation.

We are determined to be the best at what we do, not the biggest. We love our customers and we love our company too. Our goal is to satisfy the customer.

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